37th Season
Chicago North Men's Senior Baseball League
Six age Divisions, 56 to 60 teams
24+, 32+, 40+, 50+, 60+, 65+
Hotline: 847-604-2444
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League Rules/Info

The Chicago North Men's Senior Baseball League is entering its twentieth season of adult baseball. Since its creation in 1987 with four teams of players age 35 and older, it has steadily grown, becoming one of the premier Chicago area adult baseball leagues. In 2007, we have 25+, 35+, 45+ and 55+ divisions.

The national organization, Men's Senior Baseball League , with which Chicago North is affiliated, has led the phenomenal growth of adult baseball with the rebirth of players playing for their love of the game. From a 60 player league in Long Island in 1986, it now boasts over 275 leagues and nearly 40,000 players nationwide. Hardball Magazine is the official magazine of MSBL.

CNMSBL plays in Des Plaines, on the campus of Oakton Community College; at Meadowhill Park on Waukegan Road in Northbrook; at Redmond Park, John Geils Field in Bensenville; and Recreation Park in Arlington Heights.

Historical Timeline
1983 January, Randy Hundley Cub Fantasy Camp,
              Scottsdale, Mesa, Phoenix, Arizona
     Summer,  Duke Childs field (Gary Arnold, Larry Arnold, Larry Gore, Scott Mermel,
              Dave Schultz, Harry Soloway, Jim Stewart, Ron Turkin)
1985 Fanatics, formed by Scott Mermel, played in Chicago Metropolitan Twilight League.
               Included Bob Friedman, Jeff Gendelman, Rick Gordon, Bob Shapiro, Phil Smith, Al Vodicka.
     Autumn, Mike Pinto, Dave Jacob, Al Vodicka, Dave Allen, Jim Parker discuss creation of
             30+ league after appetites whetted at Hundley camp(s).
1986 Men's Senior Baseball League founded by Steve Sigler, Jericho, NY
1987 Chicago North league formed, affiliated with Sigler's MSBL.
            Mike Pinto, President
            Al Vodicka, Manager, Condors
            Jim Parker, Manager, Naturals
            Dave Allen, Manager, Redbirds
            Dave Jacob, Manager, Stars
1988 MSBL held first world Series national tournament in Arizona.
     CNMSBL Stars became Ninjas
1989 CNMSBL added Fanatics, Movers, Ninjas became Dodgers
1991 CNMSBL added Panthers, Senators
1992 CNMSBL added Wolves, Athletics
1993 CNMSBL Fanatics became Cubs; Condors became Lookouts;Naturals became Knights
1994 CNMSBL formed 40+ division with Bulls, Flyers, Chiefs, Red Sox, Cardinals and Blue Jays
1995 CNMSBL 40+ Division added Sea Dogs and Panthers
1996 CNMSBL 30+ Division added Ravens
            40+ Division added Cubs and Yankees
1997 CNMSBL 30+ Division lost Redbirds; White Sox merged with Athletics; added Marlins
1998 CNMSBL 30+ Division Marlins merged with Athletics
            40+ Division added Diamondbacks
            50+ Division formed with Chiefs, Cardinals, Orioles and Diamondbacks
1999 CNMSBL 30+ Division lost Knights, Lookouts, Ravens, added White Sox
            50+ Division added Mud Hens
2000 CNMSBL 50+ Division added Yankees
2001 CNMSBL 30+ Division added Bulls, Mariners, Ravens
            50+ Division added Giants, Panthers
2002 CNMSBL Divisions aligned with MSBL National 28+, 38+, 48+ age requirements
            28+ Division lost Bulls, added Warriors
            48+ Division added Intimidators, Mavericks
2003 CNMSBL 28+ Division added Diamondbacks, White Sox changed to Reds
            38+ Division added Athletics, Cardinals
            48+ Division added Sea Dogs
2004 CNMSBL 28+ Division added Cougars, Pirates
            38+ Division lost Diamondbacks, added Diamondbacks from 28+ Division 
2005 CNMSBL 28+ Division lost Cougars, Reds, Senators, added Red Sox, Spartans
            48+ Division added Blue Jays, Cubs, River Bandits            
            55+ Division formed with Black Sox, Blue Sox, Gold Sox and Red Sox 
2006 CNMSBL 28+ Division lost Dodgers, Spartans, added Pelicans
            38+ Division Bulls changed to Reds
            48+ Division Panthers changed to White Sox
            55+ Division expanded to six teams: Bulls, Fanatics, Nationals, River Bandits, Stones, and Titans