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Reporting Game Scores and Highlights

Managers, please report the game results promptly on our hotline as soon as you can after the game is complete. Either manager or both can leave a message but minimally it is the winning teams responsibility to report the score. The sooner it is reported, the sooner we can get it on the web site for late night queries and on the morning hotline greeting. If the game is suspended or rained out, BOTH managers should call the hotline and leave the status.

Leaving a message on our hotline is simple. From any phone, preferably one with good audio, call our hotline 847-604-2444. You don't have to wait for the greeting to finish, just hit the hash/pound (#) key to skip it and go straight to a tone after which you start dictating your message. When finished, hit the hash/pound key again and follow the prompts in case you want to review or re-record your message. Just hang up afterwards and you're done.

Please make sure someone from the winning team calls in the score at a minimum. Brief highlights of the game are welcomed, but if you get too windy don't expect to hear it all.